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Updates on the 5th and the 20th


Wow what a month February was.

I have never felt as Humble as I do today. I have been out of the Office sick for a while and I’m still not all the way healed up. There are a lot of people on the Ranch that have really stepped up and helped out with the daily chores around the office. I cannot express my gratitude enough to these folks. Thank you for being there and helping out. A huge thank you also to the Board of Directors for their support for both myself and my wife.       

I would like to clear up a misconception regarding campers that have remained on vacant lots this winter. As you know, campers are supposed to be removed from vacant lots from November 1 to April 1. This year, and only this year, the Board of Directors has agreed to modify the fine schedule for this violation of Ranch rules since some folks could not get their campers off of their lots due to the snow and will just be assessed a fine of only $75.00. Please remember that this is a One Time Only deal. Normally the first violation is a warning letter, the second violation after 30 days is a $25 fine and the third and subsequent violations, are a $50 fine per month.

The reservoir has been a topic for many of you including some new folks that are just moving onto the Ranch and are wondering when it will be open again. The board of Directors and myself are working hard to figure something out and to get it back in operation as soon as possible. However, nature is the only cure for repairing it from the fire damage. We will notify members when it will be ready. Please hang in there.

Thank you again from the Bottom of my heart for all he help that was rendered while I have been laid up. Ranch of the Rockies is truly a fantastic place to Live and Work.

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