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Trying to keep Warm

February 5th

January was a pretty mild month for snow however, it was a really cold month down at the office we have three nights that were way below Zero on the thermometer I read it was -32degrees for three nights and that folks is pretty darn cold. We did have the water line at the office freeze up which the board of directors had a heat cable installed which so far is doing a great job.

Most of you know that the lock to the compactor was broken and this was due to the cold as well Please do not slam the gate shut it is a electromagnetic locking system that does not require brute force to close it. As a request from most of the folks the use it Please compact it if it is full the code is 1478.

Glass: Please do not Leave Glass Bottles at the Trash Compactor they get thrown away. If you would like them recycled you can take them home or to Buena Vista Recycling by the Air Port.

At the last Board meeting it was decided that we move the dates for the Open Top Dumpsters to May 26th to the 31st when the weather is a little nicer and more folks are up on the Ranch.

Never Fear Spring is Near with that said lets enjoy the rest of winter and Please be careful driving to and from the Ranch and while on Ranch Roads.

John Adams
John Adams






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