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July 5th Input

Happy 4th of July everybody!? Happy-4th-of-July

Burn Ban: We were blessed with some much needed rain recently and the ban was lifted.

Annual Meeting: with the Annual Meeting coming up I am reminded to let folks know that the Weekend of August 13th we will have the Picnic and that the Roll Off Dumpsters will be here again.

Containers: A topic of Interest has been the Plastic and Cardboard Containers being full, I wish to Thank everybody for using them and apologize for not having the opportunity to keep them emptied. I take them down on Thursdays when the Recycling company is normally doing Cardboard and Plastic. However, that is not always the case and I am told to wait till another day. When you come down and find them full, please do not leave it outside the Trailers, as it can blow around and create a real mess. Be assured, I will be trying to get them emptied as soon as possible.? The board of directors has this issue on the agenda for next Fun at the PicnicSaturday?s board meeting to discuss possible solutions for this problem.? If necessary, there is a Recycling center in Buena Vista by the Airport that you can take it to. Thank You for ??your patience.

Annual Meeting: August 13th 2016 Set up is at 07:00 so Please Volunteer to help with the Setup and Cleanup.

Burn Pit: This year has been really great for people that have been cleaning up their lots and we even have some companies like Timber line Spraying and Mitigation using it. They have agreed to help us out by pushing it in for us, free of charge, when they are up here using it .

Reservoir: Fishing has been a little slow but people are still catching some nice fish and I have asked the Board to place a limit on the amount of fishing poles a person can use at one time. I have had some complaints of individuals that are using up to 10 Fishing poles at one time. There is a four fish limit per day not per visit.

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