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As most of you know we have a new Board of Directors that were seated after the annual members meeting on August 12th.  There are three new members and two returning members.  The entire Board wants to be as transparent as we can in all areas especially around the Community Center.

There will be a group of people comprised of members of the Board, Community Center Committee and other community members from both sides of the topic in attendance this Saturday, September 2nd, at 9 am at the Ranch office to take the first pass of the surveys that were submitted.  The first pass through the surveys will be to get a count of members that are for or against the Community Center.  Once we have this information we can better make a decision on what the next steps should be.

Any member that wishes to monitor the count is more than welcome to attend but keep in mind we are not there to take questions or hear feedback.  This is not a formal Board Meeting.  No decisions will be made on the 2nd.

The numbers will be posted to the website and be given to the Board of Directors to assist them in making a formal decision during a future Board meeting.

Ron Rose

President of the Board


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