Ranch News


May 5th Update

New Admin/Bookkeeper
Please welcome our new Administrative Bookkeeper, Gina Bergen! She lives locally in Trout Creek Meadows but was a landowner here at ROTR so she knows our community well. I’m sure you will find her delightful and very capable in her new role as the ROTR Administrative Bookkeeper. She has jumped into a big job and we are grateful!

New Ranch Manager
If you haven’t stopped in to meet him yet you’re missing out! Our new Ranch Manager, Larry Hartley, is charming, capable, and hard working. He is a lot owner here at ROTR and is very familiar with our community. Be sure to give him a big welcome!

Please Pay Your Dues!
Dues were due on January 31st. Thank you to roughly 1350 lot owners who promptly paid their dues. We appreciate you! The Board of Directors is working hard to be cautious and thoughtful in how your dues money is used. We are focused on priorities that protect our water rights and provide a full time Ranch Manager and a part time Administrative Bookkeeper to serve the community. Sadly, we still have several lots/homes that have not paid their annual dues. These members have lost their “Good Standing” status, will not be allowed to vote at the annual meeting, and all ROTR HOA privileges will be suspended until dues and late fees are paid. Late fees will not be waived per a vote of the board. The HOA budget is tight and with the rising costs of just about everything it is likely there will have to be another dues increase in 2023.

Annual Meeting and Picnic
Mark your calendars! Our annual meeting is scheduled for Saturday, August 13, 2022. Please contact Member at Large, Darryl Atherton, to volunteer to help.

Open Board Position
We have one board position to fill at the August meeting. If you are interested in running and serving on the board please contact our President, Phil Stice. Email your interest to rorahoa @ghvalley.net

We need volunteers!
There’s lots of work to be done here on the ranch! We need volunteers in so many areas. Please consider helping where you can. Our Rules Enforcement Committee is currently a committee of just ONE. Skip Penhall works hard for our community and needs committee members. We also need volunteers to staff the burn pit and help with ranch mailings.

Special People on the Ranch
This community owes a giant THANK YOU to three amazing volunteers! Nancy Ranfranz, Karen Ganz, and John Adams all stepped in to keep the ranch going as our temporary bookkeepers and ranch manager. They did this as VOLUNTEERS offering countless hours of service to our community. If you would like to help us thank these exceptional volunteers in a special way please send an email to rorahoa @ghvalley.net – we are cooking up a surprise to say thank you!

Reservoir Update
Work will commence this month to bring our reservoir up to date for state compliance. The reservoir may need to be drained while a new staff gauge and other work is completed. While the work is being done it is necessary to close the reservoir. Fish may be stocked, pending conditions, after the repairs, maintenance, and upgrades are completed.

Burn Bans
PLEASE adhere to all Park County Burn Bans. Fire Chief Tingle has strongly advised that ROTR adopt a new policy prohibiting any slash burning or burn barrels within ROTR. Please take advantage of the Burn Pit, a great perk for members in good standing of our HOA.

Learn Your LOT Number
When contacting the Ranch Manager, Administrative Bookkeeper, or a Board Member please be prepared to provide your lot number. Our database system is driven by lot numbers. Also, when using the HOA facilities like the burn pit your Lot Number may be required. Voting rights are determined by your lot number and membership status. Only Members in Good Standing as of March 31 2022 are allowed to vote at the annual meeting in August 2022 as required in our RORA Articles of Incorporation.

Mailbox Replacement at Ranch Rd & Campfire
Due to the vandalism at the mailboxes located at Ranch Rd. & Campfire we are forced to replace several of the mailboxes. This has been a major inconvenience to many of our members and an expense to the HOA. We have ordered the new units and are waiting on delivery.

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