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Annual Meeting and Picnic Recap and RORA Officer Changes

What a wonderful event we experienced at the annual meeting and picnic yesterday, August 11, at the Ranch pavilion. We had a record breaking crowd of well over 200 folks who contributed to the meeting with good questions and responses for our community. As a board of directors, we can only represent you if we hear your voice. As always, lunch was delicious, even though we had about 80 more folks than we have had in the past.

And the weather held out and enabled us to have a Fun Friday complete with ice cream,
toppings, and root beer floats.

We certainly want to thank our special guests, Mark Lamb, Parks and Wildlife, David Shipley, South Park Telephone, and Chris Tingle, Hartsel Fire, for their informative and engaging presentations.

Additionally, the picnic would not have happened without the planning and hard work of Gary and Val Woirhaye, Niki and Joe Griffin, and their hosts of volunteers for set up, cooking, and clean up. Thank you all so very much!

Finally, none of these events would have run smoothly without the preparation and
implementation work of John Adams, Ranch Manager, and Carole Smith, Bookkeeper, along with her able bodied spouse, Frank Smith. John and Carole have the Annual Meeting and picnic weekend well under control, and are a tremendous resource to our community. Every time I asked about something I feared had been forgotten or needed to be looked into, they both replied with, “It’s already done.”or “I’ll take care of it.” We are so lucky to have their expertise and hard work.

Lastly, I want to once again thank our outgoing board members, Ron Rose and Tom Wells. As we have served together on the Board this past year, their historical perspectives, wise comments, and enthusiasm for the work of the Ranch has been immeasurable and so very valuable. Thank you, both, so much!

My final thank you goes to Niki Griffin and Mark Wefler for agreeing to represent and serve all our members on our board. Now let’s get to work!

Our new officers for Ranch of the Rockies in the 2018-2019 year are:

Member At Large: Niki Griffin
Secretary: Mark Wefler
Treasurer: Gary Woirhaye
Vice President: David Loring
President: Dennis Ann Strong

We will soon update the Member only section of the website with the new contact information for Niki and Mark. In the meantime, continue to let us know your concerns through our emails or the Ranch email: rorahoa@ghvalley.net or phone (719) 836-2079.

Have a spectacular end to the summer…pray for rain and/or snow…and be safe!





Dennis Ann Strong

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