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April Board Meeting Cancellation Notice

Due to the need to maintain safe distancing and the governor’s “Stay At Home” order, the Ranch of the Rockies HOA Board will NOT meet in April.
Your and our safety is imperative during this time to decrease the spread of Covid 19. The financial reports for April will be posted on our website for your perusal.

If you need information or help from John Adams, Ranch Manager, please call the office at 719-836-2079 to schedule an appropriate time. Call again when you arrive at the office to ensure that no one else is in the office.

Finally, in respect for all Park County residents, please do NOT come to the Ranch to move your trailer to your lot until the governor has lifted the “Stay At Home” order.

Thank you and be careful. We are a great community, and don’t want to lose anyone to this virus.






Dennis Ann Strong, President
Ranch of the Rockies HOA

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