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Ballot Update – Write-In Selection Added

Member Jeff Morgan has requested to be considered as a write-in candidate for upcoming 2023 ROTR Board elections.

As a result, the ballot (https://rotr.org/documents/) has been updated to accommodate.

Please see the Jeff’s bio, below, along with the other two candidates:

Jeff Morgan (write in candidate for RORA Board)

Please consider me a write in candidate for the open Ranch of the Rockies Association Board position. My wife’s parents bought the “little cabin with big garage” (as it was known) in 1981, and my wife and I bought it from their estate in 2015. Three generations of our family, as well as extended family, enjoyed spring, summer and fall vacations in the Ranch. My wife Holly and I retired and moved from Nebraska to Colorado in 2021 to be closer to kids and grandkids. We’ve added on to accomodate our growing family and now spend 1/2 our time year round at our place in the Ranch.  I’ve met many of you dropping off trash, picking up a fishing permit, walking and just being involved in and around the Ranch.

I’m interested in serving our RORA community as a board member to lend a hand at managing the home-owners association business. I have served in numerous leadership positions for not-for-profit groups over the years. I listen more than I talk, work toward solutions, and strive to be a good steward of the land/water/wildlife (both two legged and four legged).  My career and volunteer experience brings resources to the association in the areas of water/land preservation, safety, RORA history and working with people to achieve common goals.

Our current board members have worked hard to increase transparency, communication and the organization of association business. I see good progress and would like to be part of the team. I am interested in learning the business of homeowner associations, county resource opportunities, and achieving a sustainable plan to protect and enhance property ownership on the Ranch.

I would appreciate your write in vote!

Linda Starr

I was employed for 12 years in various positions at Ball Aerospace. My last position was as a Production Planner. While still employed at Ball, I started volunteering as a Reserve Deputy for the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office. When I was offered a full-time position, I remembered that my Dad said: “If you can find a job that you are willing to do for free but get someone to pay you for it, that’s your dream job”. I am now a retired BCSO Post Certified Deputy Sheriff. I loved my career but retirement is better. Ranch of the Rockies will be my home until I die. It is my Heaven on Earth. The last couple of years have been rough for the various boards and for our community. We currently have dedicated board members but some are not continuing to remain on the Board. At this time, I have the time, energy and desire to join the remaining board members. We need to continue to move our community forward.

David Loring

My wife Kit and I have lived on the Ranch since September 1999. We have been married for forty-seven years, and we love being on the Ranch. I have owned, operated and sold four businesses from 1982 to 2008. I also worked for Park County Road & Bridge for 8 ½ years mainly grading and plowing roads here and in the Park before retiring. I served on the South Park Chamber of Commerce as an officer for nine years. I have also served in various church offices. Having served on the RORA Board twice previously, I was able to accomplish several projects that stabilized life here on the Ranch. I look forward to again serving the needs of our community on the RORA board if elected.

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