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Calendar of Events is up and working!

From the Site Admin:

The following information is provided by Suzan Gebow.?For those of you who do not know her, Suzan is a member who recently purchased a home here on the Ranch and who has very generously offered to assist with our website.? Her first challenge, which I believe you will find she has a great job with, was to work on our “Calendar of Events”, which has not functioned very well since the site has been available.? I would like to thank Suzan personally, and I believe everyone will find the calendar valuable in the future.? Thanks Suzan. ? Suzan and I both thank Andy Meng (the father of our site) for all his assistance!? We could not have done it without him.

Now you can scroll down to the real stuff!


How to find and use it-once you are logged in to the website:??????????????????????????????????????????

  1. Find the Members Only section on the left column
  2. Calendar of Events is the first item-click on linkGoogle calendar capture

When the Calendar comes up, you have numerous options available to view upcoming items:

  1. The blue arrows along the top will go forward or back a month
  2. Hover over down arrow next to the month to choose a different month
  3. or choose Week, Month or Agenda on the top right.? (The Agenda tab is my favorite because you can see everything)

If you have an event that you would like listed on the calendar, please email me the following information and I will be happy to enter it for you:

  1. Title of event
  2. Start date and time
  3. End date and time
  4. Is it ongoing or a one-time event?
  5. Event location and details
  6. Venue name
  7. Address
  8. Event cost (if any)
  9. Organizer contact information (if you would like a link included-let me this here)

I?m looking ahead to warmer weather and having more fun, how about you!

Suzan Gebow



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