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Colorado PaintCare Program

Just a reminder to everyone of the Colorado PaintCare Program for recycling the old cans of paint you may have sitting in a corner of your basement that you don’t know what to do with.
PaintCare was instituted in Colorado about 7-8 years ago as a way to recycle old paint and keep it out of landfills as hazardous waste. It doesn’t cost you anything to drop off your unused paint to locations all around Colorado. Just go to www.paintcare.org to find a list of free drop-off locations in your area, along with a list of everything you can take for recycling. Most drop-off sites are paint retailers or hardware stores that sell paint.
The paint is collected at these sites, then picked up and taken to several locations, where like-products are homogenized, filtered and resold or donated, so there’s very little waste. Any items not recyclable are disposed of safely and properly.
The program is funded by way of an added cost each time you purchase paint. The current cost is $0.35 per quart, $0.75 per gallon and $1.60 per 5-gallon container.

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