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Committee Opening

Committee Opening:
The board is looking for a new Chair for the Rules Enforcement Committee.  The board would like to extend its appreciation to Skip Penhall for his dedicated service to our community over the last 3 years while serving as this Committee Chair.  Please contact any of the board members, the Ranch Manager or attend the January Board Meeting, 13 Jan 24 in the Ranch Office, if you are interested.
Infrastructure Committee:
The board will be discussing establishing an ad hoc committee to look at long-term Ranch Infrastrucgure, the charter is below.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact any of the board members, the Ranch Manager or attend the January Board Meeting, 13 Jan 24 in the Ranch Office.

 Infrastructure Committee: Members interested in participating in the proposed committee are invited to attend the board meeting, volunteer and be prepared to discuss why and what.  Financial/accounting/Business Mgt backgrounds would be the best candidates but all are welcome.

a.     Purpose.  To make recommendations to the board on prioritizing infrastructure projects based on the Ranch Mgrs assessment.  Also provide recommendations on future infrastructure projects.

b.     Time Horizon:  3 months, extendable to 5 months based on Committee Chair recommendation and board approval.  Provide monthly updates during board meetings.

c.     Specific Questions:

                                      i.     Provide recommended prioritized list of possible infrastructure repairs

                                    ii.     Rack and stack the infrastructure projects with rationale

                                   iii.     Provide recommended long-term infrastructure projects with rationale

                                   iv.     Provide options and a recommendation for access control to the dump station, rest rooms and Pavilion area.  (Key cards like the trash compactor, lock/key on the gate or the dump station lid…?)

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