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Community Announcement!

A great announcement was made public at the Board meeting on May 13th, 2023.

The Ranch of the Rockies is officially in compliance with the State of Colorado at the Buffalo Creek Reservoir.

The HOA Board, Staff, and the Water Committee members have been working very hard and did what it took to bring the reservoir into compliance, a task that has been required since 2009. We now have a permanent staff gage lurking out of the water like the Loch Ness Monster and what a beautiful site it is to see! In addition to this staff gage we have a very accurate transducer system that reads the water level and release amounts and will come in handy when the water happens to be choppy during a release.

Garver Brown, the Water Commissioner for Division 1, District 23 said: “The installation looks great, and fulfills the statutory requirements for on-stream reservoirs, which requires all such reservoirs to have a gage rod and capacity table for determining the current volume in storage”.

Also, on 13 May 2023 we conducted the Spring release of 12-acre feet of water from the Reservoir as instructed by Garver Brown. The release took 6 hours and was accomplished using our newly installed staff gauge. We recently stocked the reservoir with 500 fish. The staff and board are working on the summer maintenance schedule and look forward to the HOA Members enjoying the Reservoir this summer.

Our water rights that we all treasure are attached to the wells we have on our properties that allow us to live here within the Ranch and at CORA, this is the number one reason we even have an HOA to begin with at the RORA, that is to preserve and protect the water rights and our augmentation plan year over year as the number one priority.

Your water rights are hereby protected, sleep well.

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