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Community Center Survey Results


On Saturday morning, September 2, 2017, RORA owners met to tabulate the Community Center surveys.

The following people assisted in the count:

Mary Plumb, Steve Plumb, Karen Rose, Jim Strong, David Loring, Ron Rose, Dennis Ann Strong.

The surveys were divided into “yes” and “no” stacks in answer to continued support for a community center. There were also a small number of “undetermined” surveys The stacks were double checked and double counted.

  • Total surveys sent:              1183
  • Returned by Post Office:        15
  • Total count possible:           1168
  • Total surveys received:         433
  • Percentage return:                37%

The “yes” surveys to support a community center:     129

The “no” surveys to reject a community center:  285

Surveys that could not be determined:                         19

The “yes” surveys were then tallied according to the following options:

  • Option A (3,600 sq. ft.):      54
  • Option B (8,600 sq. ft.):      48
  • Both options:                      27

I want to thank everyone who helped put the survey together and to thank all of the members who took the time to respond.

Ron RosePresident of the Board


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