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December 11, 2021 Monthly Board Meeting

Greetings everyone,

Just a quick announcement that we will be holding the December 11, 2021 board meeting at 9:00am, Fire Station #1 in Hartsel Training Room, main floor; 86 Valley Ave, Hartsel, CO, 80449.

We will have a very packed agenda to get through so we want to start right at 9 and be very efficient in our use of the time outlined on that agenda and we must be exited from the building by 12:30 due to another planned use of the training room.

In agreement with Chief Tingle, masks will be required for attendance. The occupancy at Fire Station #1 training room is 44 persons and will be adhered to.

Zoom will only be offered for Board members and required attendees who are traveling at that time.

As the board was requested to not conduct business between monthly meetings or make any decisions, we were not able to address the Zoom equipment that would be necessary for a larger venue meeting.  We also have members who don’t seem to honor their fellow members privacy, making video recording access a challenge legally. As such, we will audio record the meeting and are happy to post that to the members only section of this website.

We look forward to seeing those who will be able to attend and wish everyone a very safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.



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