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For Review: Reviewed and Updated RORA Policies, Procedures and Rules

The Ranch of the Rockies Homeowners’ Association Policies, Procedures and Rules have been reviewed and updated by the Board.  The draft version is posted here for Member review and comment.  Please submit your questions/comments by May 10, 2024.  All questions/comments will be reviewed by the Board and appropriate edits made to the final document.

Please note in your review, all new language or policies are highlighted in red. There were other changes made to the document that are not highlighted in red but are generally clerical in nature.  For example, all references to “he” or “him” were changed to “he/she” or “him/her”.  Grammar and punctuation were corrected.  In addition to a number of new policies (highlighted in red), the following document clarifications were made and are not highlighted in red:

  • There were a number of stray provisions that were not associated with any particular policy or provision of the document. These stray provisions were placed with the corresponding provision or policy.
  • The document was also updated to recognize the online and electronic notification capabilities.
  • Language from the Park County regulations was inserted to clarify that hip camping is prohibited on RORA property, no camping is allowed in the Common Areas (Pavillion, park sites).
  • Some sections of the policies referred to “units” or “unit owners”. “Unit” was replaced by “lot” or “lot owners” as this is our preferred language.
  • With the addition of Hammersmith as our third party administrator for certain tasks, the term “management company” was added where appropriate.

There are four new policies or procedures that were added to the policy for your review: The Reserve Funds Policy, a provision to charge $5 for lost trash cards, an increase from $100 to $500 expenditure without prior Board approval, and a change to RORA check signing protocols. These are highlighted in red. Please review.  We will vote on these new policies at the Annual Meeting.

We encourage you to read this draft document as it governs many activities and practices at RORA.  Please fill out the form below with any comments or send your feedback to rorahoa@ghvalley.net if you prefer.

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