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Hammersmith Account Login Reminder (Statements & Account Status)

Happy Holiday’s Neighbors!
January is right around the corner, so we want to remind everyone again to take a moment and log in to your new account through the Hammersmith owner portal. The information on the portal is what Hammersmith will use to communicate with you about such things as your yearly statement and account status and the primary way for you to make payments.

Check your information to ensure everything is correct.  Pay careful attention to your address/property information, contact name, address, e-mail, phone, etc.

There are also 2 features you need to be aware of:

1) Under your contact you can chose to receive communication via mail or electronically. The default is mail so be sure to change to electronic if you wish to receive emails, saving members money on postal costs.

2) Choosing what information you would like to have available to your neighbors in the directory, i.e. contact information, such as phone #’s, e-mail, etc. This information is not available to anyone outside of our membership.

We have included a screenshot the welcome letter and log in information that was sent to everyone in September by Hammersmith as well for a refresher if you haven’t logged in yet. Thanks for your help and patience during this transition process to a new bookkeeping system.

Additionally, here is a direct link to the Hammersmith Homeowners Portal

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