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HOA Dues Clarifications

Hello ROTR Community:

Passing along the following FAQ’s/clarifications regarding HOA dues invoices:

    • The due date is January 31st as it has always been, and it is stated on the invoice “Due end of month”


    • Becomes late February 1st


    • Penalties assessed after the mandated 10-day grace period (HB 1137), in this case it would be February 10th
      • The old times for paying were superseded by the HB


    • Payments are when we receive them not postmarked date.


    • The dues can be paid by Pay Pal but you do need to email the office at: rorahoa@ghvalley.net to request it as we can’t take that info over the phone. There is a $7 fee (paypal fee) based on the $155.00 per lot amount or its $9.00 if they add in the RV storage payment.


    • If you email us wanting to pay by PayPal we need:
      1.) Who you are
      2.) Lot number(s)
      3.) Phone number
      4.) E-mail address the invoice will go to.


    • Office hours are 8AM to 12PM Wednesday through Sunday


    • Date must be current date and do not post date or use last year’s date


    • We’ve had many rejected by the bank for errors including the date on the check as January and February of 2022, this could trigger them to be late by the time it’s resolved.  If the check cannot be deposited, they are not considered paid.

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