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Recently there has been a lot of activity on social media concerning the dues, notices and the recently approved 2023 budget.  On behalf of the board, we would like to provide an update.

During the December board meeting a proposed budget was not approved.  At the conclusion of the meeting, it was noted that the board would work to develop and approve a budget for 2023.  Given that this had not occurred by Jan 2023, dues notices went out to the members with the dues from the previous year ($155).  As always (according to the PPR) dues are required to be paid by the end of January and this year, additional time with a grace period till February 10th.   In January a new budget was adopted and posted, discussed in Feb and then approved in Mar.  This is the same timeline as is required in the PPR.  The difference for members is an additional $63.

We have had approximately 1,100 members pay their dues ($155) on time without any concerns.  We have about 400 members who have not paid their dues.  There is a process that we must follow to collect these dues and we are in the process of starting and following this process.  It includes registered mail, which will be charged to the member, as well as interest and any expenses.  If it goes to collection through our legal counsel, those charges will also be added to the member’s bill.

On behalf of the board, I apologize for any confusion concerning the recently approved budget (the process we followed is laid out in the minutes).   We would respectfully ask that all members who have not paid their dues to get current.  If there are problems with budgeting, we can assist with a payment plan, but only after the second notice is issued, per the state law requirements, but you must contact the Ranch Office in writing with a copy of the 2nd Notice letter in order to do so.

The members who have not paid their dues affect all of us and our ability to meet our financial obligations and maintain our water rights.  Unless paid, we will have to modify the budget in order to make it through the year.

The required “Second Notice” procedure has been paused temporarily to allow those behind to cure the account, the process will resume starting near the end of this month.

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