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Holiday party postponed

Hopefully this finds everyone in good health, especially since that is what this post directly addresses.

At the last board meeting the topic of whether or not to hold the Holiday party in December came up for discussion. There wasn’t a lot of feedback but the concern was that with the Covid epidemic still in full swing, should we host a large gathering of people?

I then proposed that, given the factors of on-going health concerns as well as financial uncertainty, we not hold the Holiday party this year. This motion passed.

On a related topic, I have also received feedback that the menu of burgers and hot dogs at our get-togethers is getting a little tired. Since we will not be having a Holiday party, I am looking at trying to make the selections a little more varied at the Summer party. If you have any feedback or suggestions on this topic, please feel free to send it my way.

Stay safe and healthy, we WILL get together again as a community in the future.

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