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Important Member Message Regarding the Trash Compactor


Effective Friday, April 18, 2019, all members will have to access the trash compactor through the new gate which requires the new key card. The old gate will not be operable. 

Originally, we intended to stagger the phase in over a longer time. However, over the last two weeks we have had more than three residents abuse the compactor access privilege using an old card.  While we have them on camera dumping illegal items into the compactor, and will attempt to hold them accountable, we know that the new gate and system will better serve expanded vigilance for the area. Importantly, the new system will identify the name of the lot owner who accesses the compactor. If we observe illegal items going into the area, we can then quickly remove that card from the system. The owner will have to appear before the Board at a regular meeting to attempt to restore access. 

If you have not already gotten your new card, John will be in the office April 19-21, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm each of the three days to issue your new card.  Since this is a holiday weekend, we hope to get the new cards into the hands of many of our members. After this weekend, it is best to call the office, Wednesday-Sunday, to make sure John is available to give you the new card. 

Finally, we have scheduled the open-top bins for Memorial Day weekend. And we will attempt to have them return the weekend of the annual meeting. This is a much more appropriate way to dispose of non-wood, non-compactor items such as construction debris. Your dues, wisely, should go to this feature rather than repairing and cleaning out improper items in the household garbage compactor. If you are unsure what can/cannot go in the compactor read the list on the gate and call the office for John’s advice and help. (719) 836-2079. 

Thank you!

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