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Over the weekend, a member of our HOA chose to pull down the US flag at the ranch office,   turn it upside down with the union stars at the bottom, and then raise it again. According to Section 8 of the US Flag Code, “the flag should never be flown in this manner except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” This was a violation of the code since no one at the office was in dire distress or extreme danger.

Our HOA has forty plus years of history exhibiting tolerance for differing ideas, caring and giving hearts, and a broad acceptance of all people.  We do not have a history of taking political sides or shunning folks who express opposing opinions. The flag is a beloved and powerful symbol of our democratic roots, a representation of the union and freedoms we have, and our dedication to the rule of law grounded in our Constitution.

To the person who switched the flag, know that we take great offense to your actions. We have many folks on the Ranch who have served in our military branches or have lost family and friends while in service to our country to protect our freedoms. Granted one of those freedoms is that you can fly the flag on your property upside down. However, you do NOT have the freedom to lower or change the flying of the flag on common Ranch property such as the office. Please understand that your picture was captured on the security cameras, so we know who you are. Out of respect for all of our members, do not tamper with the flag again.

Thank you,

Board of Directors, Ranch of the Rockies HOA

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