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January 2022 Treasurer’s Update

January 2022 Treasurer’s Update
We have a lot going on in the financial arena at the Ranch of the Rockies.

First, let me share some information about the reasons we had to increase 2022 member dues.

– The RORA has not had a dues increase in over 10 years.

Even with the current annual dues of $155.00 our real purchasing power has only increased $15.00 above what it was 10 years ago due to inflation.

Our expenses for goods and services has increased every year over the past 10 years.

Our ranch has spent money saved in previous years to continue to operate without raising dues over the past 10 years. This practice needs to be reversed to refund money set aside for repairs, maintenance, and replacement of equipment, reservoir components, facilities, etc. The current increase will not accomplish this but, will move us in the right direction. More has to be done to correct the trends of the past ten years and move us toward success in the coming years. Second, let me mention some of the Budget process changes in the works.

We are not changing the bottom line of the current budget. Recommendations are pending to
improve budget clarity and tracking, financial accountability, monthly review of all income and
expenditures, and updates on account balances. All of these changes are directed toward
increased access to facts in making informed decisions, improving transparency and availability to financial information for the RORA membership, board, employees and contractors.

Making any changes in how our budget line items are reported requires parallel changes in all of our accounting categories and data entries. All monthly budget summaries and year to date
reports have to be adjusted to accommodate any changes of this type. Needless to say all of this is very time consuming. Please be patient as we work toward these goals.

Finally, let me update what is going on in the Bookkeeping services area.

The contract for Cedra Kuehn, our previous bookkeeper, was not renewed.

We currently have two volunteer bookkeepers Karen Ganz and Nancy Ranfranz, who are
graciously giving us all a gift of their time and talents as they fill in providing bookkeeping services to the ranch.

Cedra Kuehn has served as a contracted trainer for our volunteer bookkeepers.

We are currently conducting a search to fill a new contract position to provide bookkeeping services to the Ranch going forward.

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