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Ken & Patty Bellinger Donate Trout Creek Mailbox Land to ROTR

In case you missed it, at the ROTR Board meeting on Saturday, July 9, 2022, Ken & Patty Bellinger generously donated to ROTR the entire section of land, now identified as lot 1154A, where the Trout Creek mailboxes are located. This land, valued at $3,000, will be used solely for mailboxes, a book exchange, and an information board for ROTR business. The Bellinger’s also paid all costs associated with the survey, legal process, and transfer of the gift to our community. Today, Board President, Phil Stice, signed the paperwork accepting this generous gift to our community. Now, ROTR owns all the land where our mailboxes are located. I thank the Bellinger’s for their relentless efforts to bring this challenge of the past to a pleasant conclusion.

The Bellingers wish to thank Park County Commissioners for their help to make this possible!

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