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Open Forum Ranch Style Town Hall Meeting / Board Gathering

Ranch of the Rockies HOA Board of Directors
Forum Ranch Style Town Hall Meeting / Board Gathering
04 March2023
Meeting to be held at Hartsel Fire Station 5, Campfire and Ranch Rd
Zoom information will be posted on the website

1. Open forum discussion on Ranch priorities and future needs.

On March 4, 2023 your Board of Directors will hold / held an open forum meeting to hear members input on Ranch Priorities and where we want ROTR to be in the future. If you are / were unable to attend, we invite you to share your thoughts or concerns on the comment form below. The Town Hall will be at Station 5 (Ranch Road and Campfire) from 1000-1200. We are also working to set up a Zoom session for remote access. Please bring your camp chairs and a travel mug with Coffee or Tea, this will be a spartan set-up! The Board is looking forward to seeing and hearing from you at the Town Hall!


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