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Ranch of the Rockies is a rural residential community located in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado also known as “South Park.”  Located in Park County, Colorado, residents live at an elevation of approximately 9,500 feet. Lots in the community range in size from approximately 2-50 acres.

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Living At 9,500 Ft.

Imagine a brisk May morning up here in the mountains. The trees covered in frost and the ground has a light dusting of snow. Tiny little foot prints are scattered around the camp and the song birds haven’t sung a note. Off in the distance, the sun begins to rise and the golden rays of sunshine begin to thaw out the frost. Now the birds have begun to sing as they grasp the warmth of the sun. Tiny heads emerge from the ground, taking a peak to see one another. Finally, the sun is in full shine and not a cloud can be seen in the sky. A light breeze moves ever so lightly across the ground. The trees have warmed up and the branches shed the frost that gathered over night. Looking out past the camp, there are deer strolling by in search of green grass that is popping up all around. Hearing the birds and seeing all the critters scurry about brings peace, strength and gratitude for the gift of another day. This is life on the Ranch!

John Adams
Long-Time Resident & Retired Ranch Manager

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Mailbox Update

The new mailboxes have arrived and Larry had them installed this afternoon. He has contacted Mindy at the Post Office and they are scheduling the installation of master keys on the outgoing slots. Once that

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Saturday, June 11th Meeting Agenda Posted

The agenda for the June 11th, Board of Directors meeting has been posted in the “Documents-Forms” drop down of the “Members Only” section. Alternatively, you can jump directly to that section by clicking here.

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Updates On The Fifth

Good Day to All, As summer fast approaches and the last of the late spring snows are past (hopefully) I wanted to take a moment to update all Ranch members on several items.   First and

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on the Ranch

It is quite common to see all sort of wildlife on the ranch.  You name it, someone here has probably seen it.  Bears, bobcats, elk, deer, bison, rabbits, eagles, every beautiful bird you can imagine and more.  It’s truly a sight that must be seen first hand to be appreciated.  If you do visit the Ranch, know that these fellas live here also, so admire them from a distance and #leavenotrace.

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