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Prorated Dues Reminder

Invoices for our prorated 2023 dues will be mailed out the week of March 27th and payments are due no later than April 30,2023. The new dues invoiced will be $63.00, based on the approved 2023 budget of $233.00 for this year, less the $155.00 that has already been invoiced. This reduction of the $78 to $63 is based on the prorated time left in the year. It’s a savings to you overall, but will reduce our overall budget income by $22,470.00. Please write your lot number on the check so your account is properly credited, especially those who are paying for someone else not found in our records. If you have moved and your mailing address has changed, please include your latest address and phone number. We do try to reach you if we see a problem. Please note, the Ranch does not credit dues based on the postmarked envelope; we go by when it was received in the ranch office. Please plan for this to avoid any late fees.

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