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Ranch Manager Report – October 2022

  1. R.V. Lot: Agreement/ Payment/ Assigned spot 1 year/ combo lock has been changed/ I spent 7 months getting assignments made and agreements current with payments/ still have 30 unidentified items setting in spots/ a few returned with no agreement/ If you have not contacted me and made your agreement current and been assigned a spot, then you should not have anything in the lot

  2. Pavilion: Restrooms and water supply shut down due to cold weather approximately 3rd week October/ dump station is also closed

  3. Horse Pastures: Horses are moved to winter pasture/ summer pasture was cleaned back in May/ picked up a truck load of wood that had been disposed in that pasture

  4. Reservoir: 2022 Water Report filed with Garver Brown District 23 Water Commissioner/ Winter water release was conducted on October 28th / Drive in gate has been locked down due to weather/ walk in gate is still usable

  5. Burn Pit: Currently for the remainder of November, the burn pit will only be open on Saturdays due to weather, low participation and lack of volunteers/ will close when Board approves

  6. Complaints: I have received 4 most recent complaints/ they have been evaluated and need to discuss with the Board for further action as needed

  7. General information to share with the Board at the monthly Executive Board meeting

  8. Currently preparing 2023 Agenda and upcoming projects for the next year/ anyone wishing to volunteer may contact me at the Ranch Office

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