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Ranch Manager’s Annual Report – 2023

Last year was busy….
  • Continued to improve RV Lot Assignments/Maintenance/Monitoring
  • Prepared Dump Station pumping schedule for 2023 season for Antero Septic
  • Unable to burn Burn Pit (lack of snow)/closed and final push late 2023
  • Ranch truck necessary repairs accomplished plus new windshield
  • Opened Burn Pit April to October/donated 55 loads wood to Wood Chuck Program Hartsel Church/Big thank you to Susie Jones! Taking wood out for a good cause helps keep our Burn Pit open to Members.
  • Staff Gauge installed at Reservoir approved by Garber Brown/Spring release completed.
  • Damaged fencing repaired as needed in 6 areas
  • Assisted horses moved to Summer pasture by owners
  • Pavilion power washed twice/canvas ropes repaired as needed
  • Pavilion utility room/restroom maintenance – all water lines replaced/pressure tank replaced/two toilets replaced/floors painted.
  • Annual Meeting preparation – area mowed, weeded, power washed.  Set up and tear down with assist from volunteers.
  • Winter and Summer pastures fencing checked/repaired, debris removed.  Gate replaced on Summer pasture, added two new 300 gallon water tanks.
  • Reservoir willows (3/4) removed and hauled to Burn Pit with assist from volunteers
  • Reservoir Winter release completed/Annual Water Report filed with Garver Brown, our water consultant, and the State Water Engineer.
  • Monitored Reservoir spillway flow and inlet flow throughout Summer
  • Maintain Ranch Office/Ranch truck/Ranch garage
  • Assist horses moved to Winter pasture by owners
  • Ranch House repairs – new heat/boiler system, electrical relocated from outside to basement.
  • Two USPS mailboxes removed and replaced with new/two removed will be repaired and reused.
  • Camper violations survey completed with Rules Enforcement Committee
  • Weekly survey of Ranch property/sections for trash, debris, repairs, violations.
  • Trash Compactor repair by Roger Simpson in July 2022 allowing smooth operations throughout 2023.  Mountain View Waste replaced motor and serviced hydraulic fluid in Summer 2023.
  • Filed 12 monthly reports to the Board, attended 11 Board meetings, prepared 4 newsletter reports to Members.
  • Prepared required Literature Book for Ranch Office.  Literature available to new and current members.
  • Reviewed all Member files (1501) for accuracy with assist from Linda Starr and Doreen White and overseen from Suzen Rodgers.
  • Preparing Volunteer list for 2024 and 2024 Project list.

Hope everyone enjoyed a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Spring is just around the corner!  Stay warm!

Stay Safe!

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