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Ranch Managers Report (September 2023)

Ranch Managers Report (2023-09)

  • Ranch truck has been returned and is up and running / with a new windshield also
  • Ranch house heat and hot water system has been replaced by Antero Plumbing and Heating
  • Ranch house septic froze last winter / I have replaced the risers / they were deteriorated
  • Prior to Picnic / Annual meeting the Pavilion was power washed / the utility room pressure tank had to be replaced so I replaced all water lines and two restroom toilets
  • V. Lot has been cleaned up and more organized allowing for approximately 25 current new spots / I have placed orange stakes at each spot in the East and West rows / tenants should pull forward and drop their item right over the stake / it is placed center of each spot / 3″ / by organizing this it may cause a number or letter to be off / please check with me if you are in these two rows so we may continue to identify our tenants
  • Summer Pasture: I cleaned all debris last year while checking and repairing fencing / this year I replaced the metal water trough with 2 – 300 gallon
    Rubbermaid troughs / Mary and Joe Gifford rode the fence line this August and checked all fencing with minimal repairs
  • Winter Pasture: I mowed and weeded in front of the approach area and it is all set for horses to move for winter / Will recheck all fencing when owners are ready to move horses
  • Reservoir: Staff Gauge is installed, Vault grate is installed, Spillway has been cleaned, Spring release was accomplished and we are set for winter release in October. I will be working at the Reservoir starting September 20th, 21st, 22nd 0800-1600, in an attempt to remove willows. Water Committee is working on theory of re-using the Weir box part of the year to assist us in maintaining the silt traps.
  • A big thank you to John Adams, Ric Jefferies, Steve Horn and Don Kidd for their efforts and results!
  • Burn Pit has been open since May, Aaron Hanke pushed it in back in July and we are continuing to trailer wood to Hartsel Wood Chuck Program. Over 600 loads have been dropped at the pit by our property owners. 37 trailers have been taken to Hartsel. Hope to keep it open until weather changes maybe mid to late October. A big thank you to Suzie Jones and the Wood Chuck personnel!

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