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Special Note from President of RORA

Yesterday I received mail from the U.S. Postal Service regarding the Hartsel Post Office. It included a survey about continuing operations in Hartsel. Basically, it asks your opinion on three options.

A)???? Continue operations as they are, or with adjusted hours

B)???? Close down and move to a ?nearby? post office

C)???? Partner with a ?nearby? business to provide limited services such as stamps, flat rate boxes, etc.

Keep in mind we already have roadside service, so that would not change for us. I don?t believe anyone else in the Hartsel area gets mail delivery. Some other parts of the survey affect others more than the Ranch of the Rockies.? There is also a meeting scheduled for January 23, 2013 at the Hartsel Community Center.

Please take a minute and complete this survey. It might make the difference in keeping our local post office open, or having to travel to Fairplay or Buena Vista to do our postal business.

For a copy of the letter and the comment form, click on the following link:

Postal Letter of 12_12_12

Happy New Year to all,


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