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Emergency Communications

With the fire west of the Ranch last Sunday (4/29) I thought I would post this information.

Here are some of the resources I use to keep updated on emergency and non emergency activities in the area.

Park County Alerts

If you go to the Park County web site you can see alerts they have sent out as well as sign up to get emails or texts when those alerts are posted.  For example, right now you will see the County is under a full burn ban.



Park County Code Red

This is probably the most important thing I would encourage everyone to do.

Code Red is the system Park County uses for their Reverse 911 calls.  

We do not have a landline and have both of your cell phones registered on Code Red.  If our home is in the area they select to send out a Reverse 911 call we get a phone call, email and text message from the County. You can customise how you want to be notified.

No question, everyone should do this! 



I have found Twitter as a good source of information.  I have never sent a tweet but I follow many trusted accounts to get information.  Trusted accounts being the key words, it is social media and you need to trust the source of the information.

I don’t get push notifications and have to go in and check when I want, but this is my choice.

Last Sunday during the fire you could check #kaufmanfire and get some very updated information including pictures from the area.

Here are the Twitter accounts I follow and have found beneficial. 

Park County Sheriff Office – https://twitter.com/parkcosheriff

Colorado Emergency Management – https://twitter.com/COEmergency

Colorado Wildfire Information – https://twitter.com/COWildfireInfo

Pike and San Isabel National Forest – https://twitter.com/PSICC_NF

Park County – https://twitter.com/ParkCounty

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