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Thank You!

The Board of Directors would like to acknowledge the service and contributions of the following individuals with heartfelt thanks!

Gina Maddox recently resigned from the HOA Board.  On behalf of the board we would like to thank her for her service to the board and our members.  She volunteered to join the board at a very difficult and contentious time.  I believe she brought much needed new vision and contributed immensely to the process of oversight that the board provides at a very tough time to serve on the board.

Ken Bellinger recently resigned from the HOA Board after serving as the Treasurer.  Likewise, Ken volunteered to serve on the board during a very contentious and difficult time.  He has brought fresh, new ideas and has significantly contributed to the budget development process.  Thank you Ken, for your hard work and generous spirit.  We are indebted to you for the countless hours and hard work that you devoted to the board.

Lance Richeal recently resigned from the Water Committee as the Chairman.  On behalf of the board I would like to offer my thanks for the outstanding work that Lance and the Water Committee provided over the last 18 months.  Lance brought a new perspective and developed significant knowledge of the water augmentation plan that supports our water rights.  He has been a committed volunteer with a passion for the reservoir.

Thanks to all of you and good luck and Godspeed as you move on to whatever is next in your lives!

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