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Treasurer’s Amended 2023 Proposed Budget, Dues, Fees, Fines

RORA Members and Board,
Please find attached a road to financial success for the RORA now and into the future (CLICK LINK HERE). We can choose to take the road toward a better future or repeat the last 10+ years of failed budgets.  I will only support a solution that corrects the past and moves toward a financially secure future for the RORA.  I have continued to sacrifice time with my family and sleep for the good of the RORA for over ten months by continuing to research solutions, and updating projections.  The attached amended 2023 Proposed Budget and 5 year plan accomplishes the following:  Reduces projected 2023 cost projections with updated research, reduces projected Dues required in 2023, reduces projected fees required in 2023, covers the cost of fixing deferred maintenance on the Ranch Office and the Ranch House in a prioritized and phased plan, funds an additional trash compactor in 2024, replaces money previous boards spent out of the reservoir liner replacement reserve fund and funds it to sustainable levels within 5 -7 years, funds a proposed new reserve fund for maintenance and repairs on the reservoir to sustainable levels going forward, gives members 12 – 48 months advance notice of potential dues or fee increases and does so incrementally over time to prevent the need for larger single increases, funds a replacement of the ranch truck when projected, designates money to pay for any additional mailbox capacity when needed, provides funds to replace poorly designed and built restrooms and RV Dump station, funds the potential for a tractor with implements and a trailer to transport it, and funds roof replacements needed in coming years.  “IF”, this model of budgeting and financial planning is continued into the future everyone in the ranch could know 5 years in advance what their costs might be and budget accordingly.  Every year the 5 year plan is updated with new research, projections, and changing events so no on demand $1,000 plus special assessments for each lot in addition to annual dues and fees are likely to be required.  The annual Budget and related dues, fees, and fines would still be approved by the Board every year.

Here are some updated facts for your consideration.  The RORA has 1,498 lots invoiced.  Right now we have 1,429 lots paid in full.  (The best percentage of paid in full for many years.)   We have 27 non members paying for trash and burn pit use.  We have $319,767.50 in the Reservoir Liner Replacement Reserve to go towards a projected cost on demand of over $1,000,000.  We have $15,000 to replace the ranch truck on demand to cover a projected $55,000 – $65,000 cost.  We have a Ranch Office that is structurally collapsing due to improper construction and lack of maintenance.  Any budget and plan that does not consider these facts then make corrections to change these facts for the better and more is a budget that plans to fail.

An Amended proposed 2023 budget, dues, fees, and fines in addition to a detailed 5 year projected budget and plan are attached.  Here is a summary of my proposal to the Board in the Dec Board meeting 2023: Dues $275 / yr, Pasture $200 / horse / season ($400 / yr), RV Storage $25 / mth ($300/ yr), Non RORA Fee $325 / yr, Late Fees $100 / mth then $150 / mth after 90 days, Fines $100 / mth per violation then $150 / mth after 90 days.

God’s Blessings,
Ken Bellinger
RORA Treasurer

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