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April 5th Update

Hello Ranch of the Rockies,

Hey, As I am sitting here enjoying a cool April Morning and I get to see robins’ blue bird’s and all the normal winter birds. The Wyoming ground squirrels are starting to come up out of their dens and so are the Bears. We had a report of a young bear out running around on the South end of the Ranch. Time to get the Bird Feeders put up and remember that Bears love Trash and anything in your Vehicle that smells like food.

The Burn pit, we had an excellent opportunity to get the burn pit done early this year and it should open soon. We need to first have it pushed in and dressed up. Fortunately, we had a couple of volunteers offer their time for the whole season on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9:00 – 12:00. If you would like to volunteer for a day please schedule that with the Ranch Manager.

 The Reservoir currently is iced over and as soon as it opens, we will call for a stocking of fish and then open it up to the members. Please Remember to have your fishing permit on you while out there fishing and enjoying all the beauty that surrounds it.

RV Dump Station, it is currently open but there will be no water available for rinsing until the night’s stay above freezing.

 Very Soon we will have a New Manager, I look forward to helping them out as much as I can and then going back to Retirement.

Enjoy the Ranch and all its beauty!


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