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Update on Changes to the HOA Board

We would like to welcome Darryl Atherton and Ken Bellinger to the HOA Board.  They were both appointed by a special meeting that was held this morning.  Darryl will serve out the term that runs to August 2023 and Ken will fill out the term that will end in August 2024.   We thank them and all that submitted their names for consideration for these positions for their willingness to serve all of us in the Ranch.    
It is with sadness that I announce that Dennis Ann has resigned from the Board effective immediately.  I personally thank her for all that she has done for every member of the Ranch and for her countless hours of service that she has given.  As a result of this resignation, we will be shortly announcing a special meeting to fill the remainder of her term which ends August 2022.
On a personal note, I know that the last year has been tough on many of us in the ranch.  I realize that there has been many disagreements and much concern about the operation of the Ranch and the HOA Board.   There has also been many negative comments and feelings expressed openly that have been based with anger and at times based on a lack of a full understanding of the facts.   I do not invalidate any of the concerns that have been expressed by the community.  I do however ask for calm, a listening ear and an understanding heart instead of angry voices or misleading posts.  Very simply, give us a chance.   We are not the enemy, we are your neighbors.   I personally want to see resolution to all the open issues as quickly as possible and will do all that I can to bring that to pass.  I also want to look to a secure and safe future.  One where our water right are fully protected and one that sees a calm over the whole community.  
So, I ask for your help in securing this type of future.   If you have a question, ask and listen carefully to the answer that is given.   Let a desire for peace guide you in your response.  We can all be reasonable and understanding.   Please keep that in mind.   I know that my fellow members of the board and myself will do all we can to resolve issues quickly and we will use a calm heart and listening ear in our own interactions with each other and with the community.  That does not mean that there will be disagreements.  There will and those by themselves are not bad.   If handled correctly they lead to a greater exploration of a problem, a greater spectrum of solutions and they can lead to a greater respect for one another.    The issue is never the disagreement, it is how that disagreement is handled or communicated.   So, please think long and hard before responding in an angry tone or with sarcasm.   I promise that I will listen to each and everyone of you and respect your words.  Please do the same for myself and the rest of the board.
Once again, please give us a chance.  We can do this together and we can do it in the correct way.
Have a great day and know that each of you are appreciated and valued.

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