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Update on the 5th

Labor Day weekend! What can I say? It was very busy around the Ranch and the amount of text messages and phone calls were crazy. Everything from gun shots to ATVs running around on people’s property and the roads. And added to this, lots of folks came in to get a new trash card or store their camper in the RV lot. Thanks for thinking ahead to get your trailers moved.

A major trash issue occurred this past weekend. Monday evening, folks started piling trash in the compactor, and by Tuesday morning there was a lot of trash piled up inside gate. I did not receive one phone call, nor did anyone stop by the house to tell me it was broken. Instead, they left their trash to pile up even more. There were three members that saw the mess, and took their trash home with them. Thank you for this consideration. As for all the other folks that piled your trash up, your names will be brought to the Board meeting, and your trash cards are now turned off. You will have to appear at a board meeting, and explain why it is you think it’s ok for you to just leave your trash for someone else to take care of. This is inexcusable. If the trash compactor is full and or not operating, please contact the Ranch Manager, and take your trash with you.

Progress at the reservoir is moving slowly, but surely. As you heard at the Annual Meeting, the reservoir remains closed due to poor water quality. We will take another water sample this fall and know if it is improving. At this point, we do not have plans to stock it since the fish would not survive the conditions. The Board of Directors has a meeting this week with Denver and Colorado water representatives. We are ready to move forward with work to restore the creek inlet to its previous condition prior to last year’s fire. However, we need approval from the entities concerned. Mother Nature is helping quite nicely by not creating more flooding difficulties.

For all the folks who have stored their RVs in the RV Lot, you must verify that you have a signed lease in place. If you do not, you must get one immediately. To verify, please call or email the office to see if you are up to date and have paid for the time you are using the storage area.

Lot rental for camping? No! Recently, we were notified that a lot owner has rented their lot for short-term camping. Please know that this is prohibited by both the Park County LUR’s and the Ranch Policies governing our community. If there is camping on your property, you the owner, must be there also. The Board will hear from neighbors of the property, and consider the complaints brought forward at its next meeting, Saturday, Sept. 14, at 9:00 am in the office.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the fall colors. They have already started in several areas around the Ranch.





John Adam

Ranch Manager

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