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Hey everyone,

Well another month has come and gone and you can sure tell it in the mornings! Things are cooling off here in the ranch and I hope you are all prepared!

Now that October is here its time again for the annual water report. Even though we had a pretty dry summer the reservoir is full and coming over the spillway, and that’s a good thing! We will be releasing a little over 10 acre feet this year, which is a pretty normal release for us. The state is happy and so are we!

I’ve also had a few questions about the new construction across from the office and down by the pavilion. We have been in the process of putting up a new hay shed and wind break for the horses and cows. They will just be simple three sided structures that’ll match what’s there and provide the animals with a bit more comfort. Not much to them but they will help a lot.

Lastly thanks again to all you fine folks for your best wishes as I started this job. You guys that own up here are some of the best people in the world. Lets not forget that we’re all here to live, laugh and play in the greatest place on earth! Until next time

Best wishes





Josh Ezell

Ranch Manager

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