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March 20th Update

Spring is Around the Corner!

Hello to all in the Ranch. I hope this message finds all of you well and ready to say goodbye to winter. The recent storms have provided much needed moisture and with the warmer temperatures, more mud holes. My white chihuahua is now brown most of the time and I am finding out the pleasure of keeping hardwood floors clean of little muddy footprints. Anyway, spring is close and before we know it, it will be summer. AS we get closer to summer, it will be the time for our Annual Get Together in August. This year, we will also have elections for the board. As it currently stands, one position will be open. However, you might recall that in the February Board meeting, I presented the idea that since all of the current board is appointed and not elected that all positions should be up for election this summer. I stand by that statement as I firmly believe that the will of the membership should be considered first and foremost on who sits on the board. During our document review this month and next, I will be presenting a formal proposal to open all 5 positions this summer and to make changes that in the future any appointed member must stand for election during the next Annual meeting. I would love your feedback, pro or con. Please email me your thoughts to phil@sticefamilylodge.com

If you are interested in running for the open position, please submit a brief paragraph about your interest to rorahoa@ghvalley.net. We will then place you on the candidate list.

In other news, just wanted you to know that we will be conducting final interviews for the Ranch Manager position this week and next. We appreciate so much John stepping in and keeping things running. I also want to extend my appreciation to Karen and Nancy for keeping the bookkeeping in order while we hunt for a permanent one.

I wish to thank everyone in the Ranch for their support and willingness to help out in so many ways. You are the best.

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