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Updates on the 5th & 20th

We are having a very nice normal winter here on the Ranch.? Today (12/22/11) we woke up to about 8? of fresh snow.? Nighttime temperatures have been in single digits, while the daytime highs are in the thirties or forties. The picture is from this morning.

Snowy Morning

The Christmas Party at firehouse #3 was a huge success.? We filled the firehouse to capacity and I think next year we will have to look at firehouse #5, which is a little larger and has indoor plumbing for our event.? I?d like to say thanks to the Ranch Manager and all the volunteers who helped put
things together, as well as to Bernice, who played and sang for us.

Thanks Bernice!

Thanks also to the Hartsel Fire Protection District, who allowed us to use the building.? I and I think everyone else who attended, had a great time. The gift exchange was fun (except my picture frames were claimed by another) and the folks seemed to have a good time.


We are currently working on a new website, which we hope to launch shortly after the first of the year. We will try to maintain both for a while until folks have a chance to get on board.? The new site should be much easier to navigate.? We have had many people who became frustrated when they tried to download the newsletters, or documents.? We are very optimistic that the new site will eliminate a lot of these frustrations. At the December 10, 2011 meeting, the Board approved the budget for next year.

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