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APRIL 5th 2017

Managers Input 

Hello Ranch of the Rockies, It sure was nice to get some Spring snow. This time of year gets busy for me and everybody doing Spring Cleaning as a matter of fact I have been asked about when are the dumpsters getting here when is the Burn pit going to open, When are you opening the Reservoir and last but not least is the RV Dump station open yet? Here is what will be open early April;

Reservoir Gate is open I will be restocking it before Memorial Day.

Burn Pit is Closed right now but should open soon with the help of the fire department dumping water on it.

Pavilion and RV Dump Station is closed and will remain closed until the temperatures at night are above freezing.

Open Top Dumpsters are scheduled for Memorial Week End.

Park Site “C” is open Please Remember that you?re are responsible for your own pet?s messes.

Pasture “A” will open when the Pavilion Opens.

That’s Pretty much it. By the way if you haven’t noticed we now have a second cardboard recycling Trailer so Card Board Recycling should go a lot smoother. May I remind folks that cardboard should not go in the compactor, since we recycle it.

Compactor is for household garbage only! Please do not put construction material, carpeting, or oil jugs in there. Car batteries and tires are not considered household garbage.

As we come into the warmer months please remember that the wildlife will be coming out a lot more and some with their new born. Please respect that they are wildlife and they really don’t need our help to survive. Let Nature take its course and Please be aware of the bears. Let’s Keep wildlife wild.

Hey, there are going to be two open spots on the Board of Directors opening up this year, if you have an interest in being in the loop here is your chance. Submit a short Bio to the board and get your name on the Ballot. There’s a lot to be considered when it comes to the Ranch of the Rockies and what the future holds.








John Adams, RM

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