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Updates on the 5th and 20th

Hi All, Well I am late again with my post on the 5th and 20th and I apologize, but I have been extremely busy for the last couple of weeks. As I am sure many of you know, there has been a great deal of discussion about the possibility of building a community center on the Ranch. The board accepted volunteers and formed a committee to look into various aspects of such a project, including construction costs, financing, insurance and maintenance. The committee has worked diligently and come up with some options for us to consider. Sadly, we have not been very successful to date about informing folks in a good manner, causing a great deal of controversy and more misinformation than information seems to be the result. This being the case, we have decided that there will not be any decisive ballot at the annual meeting. Instead, we plan to send out a mailing with information about the options the committee has suggested and a mail back survey. Our intent is to get this out to folks as soon as we can so people will have a chance to return the survey prior to the annual meeting in August. At the annual meeting we would then like to have some discussion of what responses we receive and try to make a plan on which direction to take for the future.

Contrary to what some people may think, our goal from the beginning has been to work diligently to try and provide something of value to the community, something which will make the community a more pleasant place to live, nothing else! Hopefully, we will be able to make that clear and get the support of a majority of the members in good standing and move forward with the project. We will not spend any significant amount of money until we have that approval. Not one board member, or committee member will be receiving any financial benefit for themselves and trust me if we take on this project the board and volunteers will have to work very hard and many hours to bring it all together (not to mention what work they have already done).

I hope this approach works well and that all the folks will provide us feedback. Once again, the only personal gain I am looking for is the opportunity to live in a community with a nicer place to get together.

Tom Wells, Pres.

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