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Updates on the 5th and 20th

5th of July

Managers input

Happy Independence Day folks for all of you that came up to enjoy the mountains it was hot and windy, but that’s part of living in South Park Colorado.  As we get closer to the Annual Picnic things are getting busy with all the new picnic Ideas that Niki Griffin has put together.  Thank You Niki! If you are interested in helping her out please let her know. Big events are hard to plan for and there a lot of things that need to get done, so please call me and volunteer to help out with the picnic plans.

Horses-I have been asked how many horses can the ranch have on pasture?  The answer is 10 on the common pastures and for how many you can keep on your lot you will need to contact Park County Code Enforcement.

Horse sheds March 2013

Burn Pit – I would like to take this time to thank the Burn Pit volunteers this year.  You guys have made it so much easier in the manning process.  THANK YOU!

Weed Spraying – I have been out spraying the roads and picking up a lot of trash please help me Keep the roads clean by stopping by the office to clean out your vehicles. Thank You.

Have you seen all the new baby deer yet? I have only seen a few and this is one of the reasons I love living up here.  The wildlife is so abundant. If you do happen to run across wild life babies please respect that they are wild and do not touch them. If you have a wildlife emergency, contact the Colorado Parks and Wild Life office (719)) 227-5200.






John Adams, RM

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