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Updates on the 5th and 20th

Wow September is already here and you can notice the chill in the night air.                            

We are already having frost on the windshields and if you have not noticed it, the aspen are already changing. Although it’s been a busy Summer we are now getting ready for the fall and winter. To all the folks that have campers out on their lots please know that October is just around the corner and all campers have to be off vacant land lots by the 1st of October so  please make plans accordingly.  You can get a two week winter camping permit from the Ranch office however Park County still requires a permit through them.

The Reservoir has been restocked and we have had a lot of folks fishing it during Labor Day weekend. I would like to remind folks of the rules for fishing there, You must have a permit from the ranch you do not need a state fishing license and you can only fish from the bank please no wading no float tubes or canoes. Pets must be on a leash and are not permitted in the water. The limit is four gish this year and next year it will change to a limit of two fish per day.

I am hearing a lot of questions about why Road and Bridge is not taking better care of the roads out here and I can only say this, I have seen them working on other roads in Park County that are far worse than ours and they too need to be repaired and maintained. Please be patient they will get to them in time.

Burn Pit is filling up quick and I would like to thank all the volunteers this year for making it less stressful by calling up or stopping by the office to sign up. I would like to keep it open as long as possible and allow folks to access it as long as we can .

Let us have a great fall season and I am looking for some photos of the fall colors.





John Adams


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