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OCTOBER 5th, 2017  

Managers Input

Happy Fall Everybody, The weather is changing and the snow is here.  As we come into the colder months I am closing down a few things like the Pavilion Restrooms and the RV Dump Station because of the colder weather we have to winterize as necessary. The Fall colors have been spectacular and I have found folks driving around taking pictures and I have even seen the Deer changing colors as well. 

Burn Pit- I am trying to leave it open as long as possible but no Guarantees if the snow gets to bad then I will have to close it.

Reservoir- The gates will remain open but the PORTA POTTIE will be removed October 12th 2017 When the Ice forms across the Lake then the Gates will be locked. As a Reminder there is NO CAMPING at the Reservoir

CAMPERS AND RV’s Must be off Vacant land starting this month, if you need more time then please contact the Office 719-836-2079 or Email rorahoa@ghvalley.net  ATT: John

Park Site “C” (Dog Park will be closing October 31st. the PORTA POTTIE will be removed by October 12th.

Horses will be pastured in Pasture A for the remainder of winter. The cost to board a horse here is $100.00 for 6 months and you are required to show Proof of purchase of 55 Bales of hay that can be stored down here or at your Home. All personnel Boarding Horses are required to get on the roster for the cleanup of the Stalls. All Horses require a record of up to Date Shots  and health Certificate.

Trash Compactor: There has been some folks putting Cardboard, Carpet and Motor oil in the Compactor along with a lot of construction debris PLEASE Refrain from putting items like that in there. Failure to comply to cost both the Ranch and your Trash benefits. Please Remember that the Cameras are operational   they are checked Daily all persons violating the rules are reported to the Board of Directors.

Enjoy the Fall and make Preparations for winter we all know how it can get up here stock up the shelves get your vehicles checked and if you’re not going to be up here make sure your property here is winterized.





John Adams, RM

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