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January 5th 2018 Managers Input

Happy New Year Ranch of the Rockies as we welcome in the new year I would like to reflect on 2017. We welcomed in some new Board members and we managed to get almost all the campers off vacant lots there is still a couple that are in denial but we are working on them. The Burn Pit is the fullest it has ever been and that’s a big accomplishment. Fire mitigations still have a long way to go but every little bit helps. With all the work put in at the Reservoir we managed to keep it full the entire year.  Road and Bridge has been really good to us this year and our roads are in great shape. Hartsel Fire held an Open House at station #3 and we picked up two more Volunteer Fire Fighters and we now have an Assistant Fire Chief. Properties have been moving and houses are being built all over the Ranch. The Board of Directors voted on having the Carpet replaced in the Ranch House with Vinyl Flooring and it looks Great. we have a new Cardboard Recycling Trailer that is a blessing and I believe we are recycling more cardboard than ever. The Two Times we had the Open Top Dumpsters they were both filled to maximum capacity unfortunately we lost the scrap metal guy . 

As we welcome in the New Year I look Forward to working here another year and meeting New People that move on to the Ranch. One of the things I Would like to get done this year will be at the Reservoir and some new signs put up. I will be cleaning  the Fishing spots around the Reservoir and  I have been asked to find a way to get rid of the Ants on the South side and this has had my attention for a long time Any Suggestions are welcomed Except Poisons I can’t have anything get into the water I will try mowing it down and see if that helps.

Around the Ranch and the common areas have been repairing fence lines and fence rails. As I drive around I stop and pick up trash along the way,  your help with this would be greatly appreciated.  This is a place of beauty and it takes a lot of work to keep it that way.

Welcome 2018 May your Time at Ranch of the Rockies be pleasant and plentiful.

John Adams, RORA Ranch Mgr.

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