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Updates on the 5th and 20th

February 5th Managers Input

Feb 2nd 2018 snow on the Ranch

Where is the snow? As a matter of fact this is normal for Colorado weather as many of you know. I too await the snow fall so that we may burn the Burn Pit.  We still have a lot of Winter to go and we can get some really big snow storms in February and March maybe even out till May. So, hang in there it will be here. It has been brought to my attention that there is a lot of cardboard being put into the trash compactor . Well, I cannot make folks recycle, but I highly recommend that you do, since it cost more money to have a new container brought out than the few minutes it takes to put it in the recycling bin are worth. The door to the compactor has been repaired and I ask you all to please don’t let the Door slam shut this causes the damage to the latch. In the future we will be moving the gate so that you do not have to duck or slip by the door when dumping trash.

Planning on a family reunion this summer? Ever think of reserving the pavilion for it? There are Restrooms and picnic tables already there not to mention a horse shoe pit and a place for a volley ball set up or ring toss. There is a $50.00 reservation fee that is refundable when it is cleaned up and the trash hauled off. The grills down there are owned by the Ranch, so please clean them when you are done.

There are several clubs here on the Ranch and if you want to get out and meet some folks they are a great way of getting out and getting to know your neighbors. For more information please contact the Office.

We live in the Great Southern Mountains of Colorado where there are a lot of attractions close by like Rafting, Hiking, ATV Trails and Walking Trails not to mention the Gold Metal Water fishing areas If you are looking for something to do up here there is plenty of Information at the Office.

Have a Safe and Happy Winter,

John Adams

Ranch Manager

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