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Updates on the 5th and 20th

March 5th Managers Input 

Well its already March and we have not Burned the Burn Pit.  We could really use some snow.  As we come into spring I would like to remind folks about the wild life here on the Ranch and you may start seeing some new born critters around. Please do not feed them it really disrupts their normal diet or even worse they become dependent on the food you provide and then all of the sudden you quit feeding them and they become more aggressive and then Parks and Wild Life guys have to get involved. Please do not feed the Wildlife.

Building on Ranch of the Rockies, there is a lot of houses and garages going up and I would like to thank the folks for submitting the Architectural sign off sheet it is the first step of getting your building permit. I have had some questions regarding the Park County Building requirements as to how big of a house can be built? Park County says 250 sq ft However, Ranch of the Rockies minimum Square Footage is 600 Square Foot which supersedes the Park County Rule.  Outdoor lighting must shine down at a 45 Degree angle and not leave your Property.

What’s new on Ranch of the Rockies? Well as you Drive around you will notice the Board of Directors has been busy helping the Rules Enforcement Committee get some unsightly items removed from various lots. The “Camper left on unimproved lots” issue has gone really well this year. Please Remember that it’s not just a Ranch rule but also a Park County Land Use Regulation.

Need some Volunteers! I plan on doing a lot of clean up and beautification stuff at the Reservoir this year so if you have some free time and would like to help please let me know! I will be Starting the project June 2nd, 2018 at 1pm.

Enjoy the Spring and Enjoy living up here in God’s Country!

John Adams, Ranch Manager

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