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Updates on the 5th and 20th

April 5th Input

April is already here, and I am sure that everyone is excited to get more snow, right? As it stands now I will not need volunteers for April and May to man the burn pit. I cannot allow anyone into there to dump more wood the Fire Department said that it is full. On a good note Campers can go back on Vacant lots and Please Remember that you still have to get a permit from Park County to Camp.

I will Open the RV Dump Station but there will be no rinse water and the Bathrooms will be closed for a little while. I have Ordered the Porta Potties for the Reservoir and the Park Site C which brings to my attention, Folks that are using the Dog Park while it is closed Need to Realize that Leaving your poop bags there on the ground is littering.  Please pick it up and dispose of it Thank You. I will put the Bucket there later this month. I am going to do some work in there and it will be closed until it is finished.

Open Top Dumpsters, we have ordered the open tops for Memorial week end. Please Remember that we cannot dump any hazmat, Tires or Freezers or Refrigerators or wood in there.





John Adams, RM

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