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May 5th 2018

Managers Input

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone, well, as I sit here looking out the window it is snowing and that is a great thing for Ranch of the Rockies. We need it, as you all know there was a Fire in Kauffman Pasture and the cause is still under Investigation. No matter what, this is a wake up call for folks up here to check your properties fire mitigation, emergency evacuation plans and not to mention please make sure you are registered with Park County Code Red. Landlines are registered but cell Phones are not. The Ranch was very lucky the fire crews got on the scene quickly and the help that was requested was also a rapid response. Thanks Fire Fighters.

Summer time brings a lot of folks up to vacation on their properties here are a few things to know about, The Burn Pit is Closed for this summer. The Reservoir is full and will be restocked before Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day Weekend. The Annual Meeting is August 11th, 2018 and the meeting starts at 09:00. We are calling for volunteers to join the Picnic Committee, also, We will have two open spots on the Board of Directors, so, if you are interested, please submit a short Bio to one of the Board of Directors.

Horse Pastures are full this Summer and with a little luck the Horse club will have some events.

The Hiking Club is a very active group and I have heard they have some interesting hikes planned.      

As of, June 1st, 2018 the recycling centers all around, will no longer be accepting plastic bags, so, when you do your plastic recycling, please put bags in the normal household trash, thank you.

Let’s have a safe and Happy Summer and if you have time to volunteer I have several   projects planned for the summer.

John Adams

Ranch Manager

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