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October 5th 2018

Welcome Fall! As we transition into the cooler months there are a few common areas on the Ranch that will be closing down.

– Buffalo Creek Reservoir is closed until further notice. The Board of Directors is working on a plan to fix what they can, but mostly it will be Mother Nature that plays a big part in repairs to the water quality.

– Pavilion Restrooms will be shutting down which means there will be no water to rinse RV septic tanks.

– Summer Pasture will close as well since there will be no water available.

– RV’s on vacant lots must be removed by November 1st. You may store them in the RV storage lot here on the Ranch for a whopping $1.00 a month. You must be in good standing with your HOA dues, have no violations on your lot, and the camper must be in good condition with a license plate and current tag.  


Hartsel Fire Department Wood Chipping: Let’s give a shout out to the volunteers with the Fire Department! These guys and gals drove around the Ranch and chipped over 30 piles for people that had scheduled the service. My hat is off to all of our members who got their wood piles next to the road.


The New Gate at the Compactor is up and almost available.  We will be testing it for a short time, and then we will start to issue new compactor cards. There have already been at least three people caught on our new high definition cameras putting items in the compactor that are not household garbage.  This can cause the compactor to breakdown. Then you will have to haul you garbage somewhere else while waiting to get it fixed. Please read the new sign on the gate and the compactor door.


Winter is coming folks! Check your vehicles and emergency kits to make sure you have enough supplies at home for a few days, and in your vehicles for 24 hours. Be safe, and be ready. Let’s have a great winter! And thank you volunteers and members for a great summer.






John Adams


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